21 Delicious Asian Breakfast Recipes to Spice Up Your Morning

Start your day off right with these 21 delicious Asian breakfast recipes! From simple egg and onion crepes to buttered roti and an okonomiyaki recipe, this list has everything you need to spice up your morning routine. One of the most popular breakfast dishes in Pakistan is Nihari, a hearty stew made with beef or lamb. Egg bhurji, a spiced Indian scrambled egg dish, is also a popular breakfast option. In China, a traditional breakfast tray usually consists of semolina or halwa pudding and a soft fried dough called puri.

Laotian street food is also a popular breakfast option, with dishes like Khao Poon, a hearty soup made with rice noodles and vegetables. In India, the traditional breakfast snack is the “Pitha”, made from rice. In Malaysia, there are many delicious breakfast options to choose from, including Nasi Lemak, a fragrant coconut rice dish served with anchovies, peanuts and boiled eggs. Israel is known for its delicious vegetarian-friendly foods, including Shakshuka, a dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce.

No matter where you are in Asia, there are plenty of delicious breakfast options to choose from. Try one of these 21 recipes to start your day off right!.

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