Exploring the Delicious Flavors of Southeast Asian Cuisine

Throughout history, traces of European influence have been found in Asian cuisine due to the colonization of Europeans in some countries in the southeast. Globalization has made different cultures known around the world, and food is one of the best ways to get to know a new culture. In this case, Asian cuisine is one of the most popular in the United States and the rest of the world, where several food chains have established themselves and have grown their business to achieve resounding success based on the foods on the Asian menu. Asian cuisine is full of nuances and an explosion of flavors that are worth discovering.

The Southeast Asian cuisine menu includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The origins of this cuisine date back to 3000 BC where the first agriculture was found, along with one of the first Asian and Indian civilizations. It's no secret that the variety of Southeast Asian cuisines share flavors and basic ingredients in their recipes, however, there are still clear differences between each of them. Vietnamese food is heavily influenced by Chinese roots.

Basil is very common in Thai recipes and, as a result, comes from Europe. On the other hand, for Malaysia and Indonesia, citrus flavors are a very important part of their cuisine. Sweet, spicy and citrus are some of the tones and flavors you can find on the Southeast Asian cuisine menu. In addition, garlic, ginger and fish sauce are the stars of many Asian creations.

Every country in Southeast Asia has its iconic dishes where textures and freshness stand out from the rest. Vietnam has a dish called Banh Xeo, which consists of crispy pork with a shrimp pancake. This dish basically consists of fresh shrimp and tender minced pork fried in a wok. Once fried, everything is filled in a crispy rice and turmeric shell.

Add a delicious salted Nuoc Cham sauce for dipping and you're done. The wonderful combination of flavors gives life to your taste buds. Singapore also offers delicious and exotic dishes, such as fish head curry. As much as it sounds, this dish incorporates fish heads prepared with ingredients such as coconut cream and tomatoes. Various condiments such as curry leaves, garlic, chili, coriander, cumin, turmeric, pepper and tamarind are then used to create the curry.

Anything but basic, this dish will blow your mind. As we go on this gastronomic journey, Indonesia has the Babur Ayam. This is a traditional dish consisting of thick rice porridge topped with shredded chicken and lots of salty condiments. Babur Ayam is usually eaten for breakfast and has a strong Chinese influence. In addition, Thailand has a thousand incredible and tasty dishes to explore, such as Massam curry.

This Thai curry variety is presented as one of the sweet and unusual types of this dish. Like most curries, it's made up of a coconut milk base and then includes meat, potatoes, and an added curry paste. This is how most people fall in love with curry. Another example of Southeast Asian cuisine is Nasi lemak from Malaysia. This dish incorporates rice cooked in coconut milk and is served with anchovies, cucumbers, peanuts and soft-boiled eggs, pork seasoned with glass noodles, and carrots, all wrapped in a crispy fried spring roll. Vietnamese bread stuffed with chicken, pork, tofu or veal of your choice along with cucumbers pickled carrots (26% daikon), jalapeños coriander and our Firecracker sauce flavor.

As for Char'd Kitchen's Asian food, their menu is totally varied where you can find what we call Small Bites. This is the beginning of where you begin to discover new flavors and textures typical of the popular Asian flavors for an authentic experience. In addition to our small snacks they have special bowls where you can start with rice salads or noodles then prepare them your way. Create the flavors you want by choosing from many of the fresh ingredients (proteins vegetables and more) influenced by Asian cuisine. Finally complete your delicious meal with one of their desserts it melts in your mouth mango vanilla and green tea flavored ice cream is the perfect finish. Southeast Asian cuisine is characterized by the techniques used in its recipes that result in incredible and tasty dishes. These are just a few of the popular Asian-style cooking techniques. Tempura is a Japanese technique in which food is coated and fried.

This approach allows the ingredients to maintain their original flavor on the inside with a crispy crust on the outside. Usually the ingredients most used to prepare tempura are shrimp scallops squid and chicken you can even tempura vegetables like shiitake mushrooms and asparagus. Most people are familiar with teriyaki sauce but teriyaki is also a cooking technique used primarily for protein they are cooked with a marinade consisting of soy sauce mirin and sugar The origin of the word teriyaki comes from teri meaning “glitter” and yaki meaning “grill”.The hot pot is a technique used to prepare soup or stew dishes with different ingredients from Southeast Asia To prepare this dish you need to simmer a pot of soup broth on the table then place the ingredients in the pot The ingredients used in Hot Pot are usually mushrooms thinly sliced meat tofu seafood leafy vegetables egg dumplings udon potatoes Steam is the protagonist of this cooking method. This simple method allows flavors to remain intact As it's also one of the healthiest ways to cook it's used for a variety of ingredients Some of the most common dishes on the menu in Asian cuisine are dim sum meatballs rolls steamed fish This cooking technique is used to cook harder cuts of meat or poultry. First the meat is marinated in a mixture of sugar soy sauce ginger chili powder coriander along with water or broth Finally it cooks very slowly over low heat The meat comes out tender juicy delicious Char'd Southeast Asian Kitchen uses fresh top-quality ingredients to recreate some...

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