What are the Most Popular Asian Noodles?

From soup stock to sautéing and mixing with your favorite ingredients, noodles are a staple of Asian cuisine. The term noodles encompasses a wide category of fine Asian noodles, which must be less than 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) in diameter to be classified as such. The most popular type of Asian noodles is rice noodles. Rice noodles, also known as bee hoon in Hokkien Chinese, mai fun in Cantonese Chinese, wunsen in Thai, kya zan in Burmese and bun in Vietnamese, are one of the thickest noodles you'll find on the market.

They are prized by the Japanese for their great chewy flavor. Udon noodles are also very popular and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, and can be sold dried, fresh or frozen. From classic pad thai to sautéed veal ramen, beef and broccoli noodles to yakisoba chicken stir-fry, there's something for everyone when it comes to Asian noodle dishes. For a quick and easy meal, try some lo mein or Dan Dan noodles topped with an umami sauce of soy sauce and Chinese sesame paste. If you're looking for something more traditional, try Easy Jajangmyeon: Korean black bean noodles. The modern consumer seeks nutritious, international fusion-style dishes, and prefers authentic Asian ingredients.

According to a Pew Research Center report, the Asian population is the fastest-growing racial group in the United States. Udon noodles are popular throughout Southeast Asia and are the star ingredient of the famous Korean dish, jajangmyeon. Around the same time, train stations became more common in Japan, making bento a popular food for travel. As they have gained popularity and have captivated the American palate, many of the most popular Asian noodles are available in the international food section of large grocery stores. You can also order them online at a retail restaurant like WebstaurantStore for a cost-effective way to stock up on Asian noodles.

Types of Asian Noodles

From 5 cm long and 5 mm wide silver needle noodles to one-inch-wide chow fun noodles, Asian rice noodles come in all shapes and sizes.

Chinese egg noodles, also known as egg noodles, are timeless Asian noodles composed of wheat flour, water and eggs. Because traditional Asian noodles use milder flours and starches than pasta, most noodles use salt as a binding agent, while Italian pasta usually does without salt.


When you combine this demographic reality with food trends towards healthier eating and globally inspired cuisine, it's no wonder that Asian-inspired dishes dominate the gastronomic landscape. Satiating and satiating, you don't need takeout when you have these Asian noodle recipes on hand.

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